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Anders Rasmussen

On the 21st of March Sip helped out the livestock dealer Anders Rasmussen on his farm. We helped him by: cleaning his trucks, cleaning the stables and we helped unload over 200 calfs. It was a great day and everybody had a good time.

The Cow!

Friday 8th. of March Emilie, Mathilde, and Emma drove with Boris to A/B Vandskæring in Støvring, to pick up a sponsor gift.


A/B vandskæring is one of Europe's bests companies when it is about 2D and 3D - water cutting.

The technology AB Vandskæring A/S use is an abrasive water cutting,  where the water is pumped up to a high pressure and then there is formed a ray through a nozzle on 0,1 mm. Grit  from Australia is added to the water, which makes it able to cut in any kind of materials.

The cow is a gift to Kreaturhandler Anders Rasmussen A/S, and is made of genuine copper, which is placed on a plate of granite with the text "Thanks from SIP 18/19".

A BIG thanks to AB Vandskæring A/S for sponsoring the cow!

Sponsor Run

The SIP-class arranged Friday the 1st. of March a sponsor run for the whole school. It went beyond all expectations, and the students ran more than we ever dared to hope! SIP was giving away prizes to the student who collected the most money, and the student who ran the most rounds. The student who collected the most money collected 6.970krThe record for the most rounds run was 23 rounds of appx. 1 km.


In total, we collected 48.000kr, from sponsors such as Andersen Thorsager, family to the students and the students themselves.

THANK you all for a great event!

Bingo night

The evening was a success, all thanks to the 130 people who came to play bingo with us. With the theme, Malawi, we had decorated the gym hall with flags in Malawian colors: red, green and black. We sold snacks inspired by Malawian food and played bingo in a happy African atmosphere. The sponsor gifts we used as prizes were all won by lucky players. We thank you all for a great evening and a good experience for all of us.  The Bingo night is our biggest event so far, it went beyond all expectations.

SIP has arranged a Concert with Steffen Brandt on the 29th of March 2019. All funds go to Project Malawi. If you want to buy tickets click here

Our concert with steffen brandt - 29-01-19


Marius, Jesper, Andreas and Jonas have been going around in Viborg asking shops if they

would be interested in donating something for the Malawi-Bingo

Sip arranged movie night for the School - 22-01-19

SIP has arranged a movie night for the whole school. The movie that was shown was Back to the Future. We sold popcorn and slush ice. All the funds go to Project Malawi.

SIP on Radio ANR, Watch the interview here - 16-01-19

On wednesday the 16th of January some of the SIP students went to radio ANR to spread the word about our Malawi Project. We made a short film about the trip, that you can watch below.

If you want to hear everything we talked about on the radio or read an article about our project click here

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